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At Attechx Productions, we provide comprehensive and top-quality services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Through our expertise, creativity, and attention to detail, we aim to deliver exceptional results that elevate brands, engage audiences, and create memorable experiences. Attechx Productions is a renowned unit of Attechx Innovations Pvt. Ltd., specializing in media and entertainment services. With a strong focus on celebrity management and influencer marketing, we provide comprehensive solutions to connect brands, celebrities, and influencers with their target audience. Our mission is to create exceptional experiences and amplify brand visibility through innovative media strategies.


Attechx Productions, a visionary venture founded by Arpit Malviya in November 2021, is driven by a
powerful idea: to make movie-making accessible and hassle-free for aspiring creators and artists. We
take pride in breaking down the barriers of high production costs that often hinder the dreams of talented individuals in the film industry.
With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by small singers and creators, Attechx Productions
aims to revolutionize the movie-making landscape by providing a platform that fosters creativity and
empowers aspiring filmmakers. We believe that every passionate individual deserves an opportunity to
bring their artistic vision to life, irrespective of their budget or resources.
Through our innovative approach, we offer comprehensive solutions that streamline the movie-making
process, ensuring a seamless experience from concept to completion. By leveraging our expertise,
cutting-edge technology, and a network of industry professionals, we make it possible for talented
creators to embark on their cinematic journeys without the burden of exorbitant production costs.
At Attechx Productions, we are proud to support and nurture the dreams of aspiring filmmakers,
enabling them to unleash their creativity and share their stories with the world. We strive to be a
catalyst for change, empowering individuals to express their unique perspectives and contribute to the
rich tapestry of the film industry.
Join us at Attechx Productions as we embark on an exciting journey to redefine the way movies are
made. Together, let’s celebrate creativity, inspire innovation, and create a platform where every artist’s
voice can be heard, regardless of their background or financial constraints.


  • Celebrity Management: We are dedicated to building strong and sustainable relationships with topnotch celebrities, guiding their careers, and leveraging their influence to create mutually beneficial partnerships. Our mission is to connect brands with the right celebrities to create authentic and
    memorable collaborations.
  • Influencer Marketing: We believe in the power of influencers to drive brand awareness and
    engagement. Our mission is to identify, nurture, and collaborate with talented influencers across various
    industries, helping brands reach their target audience through authentic and compelling content.
  • Exceptional Experiences: We strive to deliver extraordinary experiences through our media campaigns,
    events, and brand activations. Our mission is to create moments that captivate and leave a lasting
    impression on audiences, fostering meaningful connections between brands, celebrities, influencers, and
    their fans.
  • Innovative Media Strategies: We continuously explore and embrace emerging trends and technologies
    in the media and entertainment industry. Our mission is to develop innovative media strategies that
    leverage digital platforms, storytelling, and data-driven insights to drive maximum impact for our clients.



Attechx Productions envisions being a leading player in the media and entertainment industry, setting
new standards of excellence in celebrity management and influencer marketing. We aim to be
recognized as a trusted partner for brands, celebrities, and influencers, delivering impactful campaigns
that resonate with audiences worldwide.

At Attechx Productions, we are passionate about elevating the entertainment and media landscape.Through our comprehensive services, we aim to create compelling narratives, foster authentic connections, and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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